Don't Pet Creations is a company that specializes in crafting unusual and peculiar items for humans to purchase. Led by Desoray and her partner D.J. Skeleton, this dynamic duo creates hand-painted oddities, customized action figures, sculptures, and plush "ABoMiNaTioNS" made from unwanted plush toys.

Desoray and D.J. Skeleton also give their followers a glimpse into their creative process by sharing their creations and behind-the-scenes moments on TikTok and through live shows.

This pair of twisted minds produce a collection of bizarre and uncanny items that are bound to fascinate and surprise anyone who encounters them.

Whether you are looking for an eye-catching addition to your collection or simply want to see what Don't Pet Creations has to offer, be sure to follow them on TikTok and watch their live shows to discover their next twisted creations.